From time to time, everyone has found themselves in the position of needing money and not having it. That's okay! At Integrity Gun and Pawn, we give you options that help turn your possessions into fast cash. Here, our process is simple, and there are no credit checks or applications. We will value your item and pay you some percentage of that value as a collateral loan. You can leave your item at Integrity Gun & Pawn for as long as you want, as long as you make monthly interest payments. With generous terms and a long window for repayment, our business helps people get back on their feet when times are tough.

What Do You Accept as Collateral?

The real question is, "what don't you accept?" We generally accept every item with genuine value, although there are few items that we will not accept. These include computers, bikes, watches, phones, and DVDs. Some things that we do accept include big-ticket items such as cars or trucks. These items are accepted only at our Highway 24 location in North Topeka. The process for these items is as follows:

  • Bring the item to Integrity Gun & Pawn's North Topeka location
  • Ensure the item that you bring in has a clean title in your name
  • Sign the title over to us to ensure you can't pawn the same item twice
  • Loans are limited to $5,000 USD

Need more information on what we accept and what you'll get for it? Contact us today!